The ISS refused one of the spacesuits

The ISS refused one of the spacesuits
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NASA astronaut Nick Haig’s spacesuit, in which he was to leave the spaceborne spacewalk of the International Space Station on March 29, with Christina Cook refused. According to RIA Novosti, citing a source in the Russian rocket and space industry, the same spacesuit was used by Haig on March 22, when he, along with Ann McClain, carried out work on installing a new lithium-ion battery outside the ISS.

We will remind that earlier the agency reported that the first ever spacewalk of two women, American Ann McClain and Christina Cook, scheduled for March 29, will not take place. The problem – again, in a spacesuit. More precisely its availability. A suit of similar size for McClain, on board the station is not available, so access will be only one. And he will get Christina Cook. McClain was taken to be replaced by Nick Haig. The latter will use a spare spacesuit.

“According to information from the American side, during a spacewalk on March 22, a pressure sensor malfunction was detected in Nick Haig's spacesuit. In this regard, NASA has decided that Haig will use a different spacesuit in the March 29 exit, ”the source told the Russian news agency.

During the March 29 release, astronauts will have to continue the work begun on March 22 – the replacement of four batteries with new ones in the power supply system of the American segment of the ISS.

Now on board the International Space Station is a crew of six people: two Russians Oleg Kononenko and Alexei Ovchinin, Americans Ann McClain, Nick Haig and Christina Cook, as well as Canadian astronaut David St. Jacques.

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