NASA accused India of creating a threat to the ISS

NASA accused India of creating a threat to the ISS
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In late March, India became the fourth country possessing weapons for the destruction of satellites – until then it was only available from Russia, the USA and China. According to the country's prime minister Narendra Modi, she finally managed to become a major space power, and this is due to the fact that the rocket produced in it successfully hit a spacecraft at an altitude of about 300 kilometers. Unfortunately, during the destruction of the satellite about 400 fragments of space debris were formed, and the NASA space agency believes that they can damage the International Space Station.

International Space Station

Researchers estimate that over the past days, the probability of a collision between the wreckage of a satellite and the ISS has increased by as much as 44%. According to NASA head Jim Bridenstein, 60 of the scattered pieces have a diameter of more than 10 centimeters, and 24 of them may well harm the Space Station.

In response to NASA accusations, India says that nothing bad will happen. The satellite was shot down at an altitude of three hundred kilometers, so the likelihood that the debris will reach the station is extremely small. The head of the Indian Defense Research Organization announced that in a short time the remnants of the satellite would simply disappear. NASA representatives agree with this, but the increased likelihood of a collision still does not give rest.

A similar test in 2007 was conducted by China. Then, after the destruction of the satellite, many debris also shattered – they make up almost a third of all the garbage tracked by NASA. Virtually all countries are trying to combat the pollution of near-Earth space – for example, Russia recently announced the development of a satellite to recycle space debris.

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