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My name is Rick V. Jennings.
He became a daddy in 2011, raising a curly, kipish daughter.

about me
about me

Resigned from the factory after the birth of a daughter, to be closer to the family.

  • Go about their business in debt.
  • Debt given and slowly get up on their feet.
    I live in 2638 Stutler Lane Rockland, PA 16374.
  • Engaged in sambo and football (amateur). I do not smoke, drink rarely.
  • Because of my Aquarius zodiac sign, I sometimes slow down in business.
  • A bunch of ideas, positive, peaceful, quick-tempered, but quickly otkhodchiv.
  • Convivial, always for neighing and devouring. At the moment I am trying to throw off extra pounds. target 87.

About the blog:

  1. The main direction of the blog is technology, space, science ..
  2. No copy-paste, retransmission of news and other debris.
  3. Photos in posts are there.

P.S: Notifications about frending are disabled. Therefore, I don’t see new ones added. But in the night, just like that, the sake of the amount of not frenzhu.